Our Health Packages

From basic to the most comprehensive health examinations based on Japan’s standards, our packages can be tailored to individuals depending on age, gender, medical, and family history, and more that specializes of early detection and prevention of future health risks.

Early detection and early treatment are the best ways to save lives. Take a checkup once a year to protect your life and health.

Laboratory Testing Details

At Shinagawa, we prioritize efficiency and precision in our medical processes. Our streamlined operations feature Pass Through Boxes in key areas like the Restrooms, Drug Testing Area, and Blood Extraction Area. This system ensures that immediately after your blood extraction, your sample is swiftly directed to our laboratories. This eliminates the need for our medical team to travel long distances to the lab, ensuring both safety and hygiene for your sample.

Explore detailed Laboratory Testing Information for our Health Packages by downloading this file ↓

Our Satisfied Clients

See what our clients have to say about starting their health journey with our preventive care services!

“I had my checkup at Shinagawa and the facility was amazing! The staff was so welcoming and make me feel comfortable.”

“I’m scared of checkups especially with needles but the experience in Shinagawa was one of the calmest checkups I had. How can you not get relaxed with the beautiful view? I also felt very special with the friendly, accommodating nurses and staff.”

“This Diagnostic Clinic felt like we were in a hotel. The procedures were fast and took us only half a day. State of the art medical equipment at a reasonable price.”

Make your health a priority and
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