Company Profile

At Shinagawa Diagnostic & Preventive Care, we are dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare by providing cutting-edge diagnostic solutions and Japanese-standard preventive care tailored to meet the highest standards of excellence. Founded with a vision to prioritize the health and well-being of our community, we combine Japanese precision with a commitment to innovation.

About Us

From LASIK to Diagnostic and Preventive Care

In 2023, Shinagawa embraces a new chapter, expanding its expertise into diagnostic and preventive care. Our range of services now includes Japanese-standard medical check-ups, advanced diagnostic imaging, and early disease detection.

Shinagawa’s objective is to provide top-quality diagnostic and preventive services at reasonable prices. We prioritize complete and accessible medical care, combining Japanese medical standards with Filipino hospitality.

We aim to address the lack of facilities dedicated to preventive medicine in the Philippines. Shinagawa Diagnostic & Preventive Care serves as the first one-stop medical hub, offering comprehensive Japanese-standard health services. Our globally competitive medical specialists deliver convenient, efficient, and affordable preventive diagnostics.

Our Key Strengths

Comprehensive Medical Examination

We tailor “Japanese-standard” healthcare plans that contribute to early disease detection and prevention, promoting overall well-being.

Double Reading by Japanese Doctors

Patients benefit from double reading and consultation of results by our Japanese expert doctors, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Cutting-edge and High-Performance Machines

Shinagawa is equipped with advanced and sustainable technology, enabling quick and comfortable procedures for our patients.

Our Mission

To enhance lives by delivering comprehensive healthcare solutions that prioritize patient-centered care, preventive measures, and state-of-the-art diagnostics, all aimed at fostering a longer and healthier life for Filipinos.

Our Vision

We envision Shinagawa as the leading Diagnostic & Preventive Care Facility, renowned for providing Japanese-standard medical services integrated with advanced technology, state-of-the-art preventive health solutions, and warm embrace of Filipino hospitality.

Our Values


We respect the needs of our patients and partners. Our care is designed for their best experience, dedicated to empower people sharing one mission and goal.

Commitment to Quality

We strive to deliver only the highest quality of diagnostic and preventive service that meets the standards of Japanese Healthcare and Filipino Hospitality.


Encoded in our values is the pursuit of providing cutting-edge technologies with world-class techniques bringing clear and accurate results with fast turnaround.


We champion honesty and integrity. We promote openness in sharing information about the structure, plans, and procedures to promote awareness among patients and partners.


At Shinagawa Diagnostic & Preventive Care, we embark on a transformative journey, aligning with Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG3) – “Good Health and Well-being.” Our commitment revolves around preventive care, providing early disease detection through advanced diagnostics. By ensuring accessibility, embracing technology, and fostering health literacy, Shinagawa Diagnostic & Preventive Care actively contributes to a world where good health is universal, realizing the vision of SDG3. Through innovation, education, and inclusivity, we pioneer advancements that echo our dedication to building a healthier and more sustainable future for all.

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