Comprehensive Medical Exams

Take all the necessary tests and plan the best preventive care all on the same day.

one of a kind specialized imagining
Full Body Exams

Using advanced machines with instant results in X-ray, Ultrasound, CT Scan, and MRI exams.

Women Wellness
Women’s Health

Have your gynecological and wellness care in a secure and reliable environment.

Digestive Exams

A friendly and relaxing environment to make your endoscopy journey anxiety-free.

Inhouse Laboratory

Identify causes to prevent symptoms. Get your laboratory results on the same day.

Cancer Screening

Your most cost-effective and long-term strategy for cancer prevention.

Health Packages

We offer a wide range of examination plans to meet the health concerns of each patient.
Japanese Standard Health Checkup
Japanese Standard Health Checkup

The forefront for an annual check up that provides you an opportunity to check your overall health with the most comprehensive test items.


Japanese Premium Health Checkup
Japanese Premium Health Checkup

Upgrade an annual examination with imaging tests and kidney function tests to track your health and possible underlying conditions.


Men's Executive Health Checkup
Men's Executive Health Checkup

A comprehensive test exam for men to assess their overall health and function of their key vital organs.


Women's Executive Health Checkup
Women's Executive Health Checkup

The whole body female health check up for a comprehensive assessment for detecting and preventing gynecological problems.


Platinum Shinagawa Dock
Platinum Shinagawa Dock

Take charge by getting regular screenings with advanced imaging tests for early detection of cancer and heart disease.


VIP Shinagawa Dock
VIP Shinagawa Dock

Experience minimally invasive outpatient transnasal or gastroscopy endoscopy with MRI and CT Scan exams to detect potential illnesses at an early stage.


Shinagawa Diagnostic & Preventive Care

About Us

Shinagawa Diagnostic & Preventive Care is the first diagnostic centre in the Philippines that offers a comprehensive range of Japanese-standard health screening services, imaging and specialized diagnostics for the early detection and prevention of diseases.

We use the most advanced technology and best medical practices and techniques that improve treatment outcomes in catering the needs of our patients through Integrated care and practicing preventive management diseases approaches.


Providing a wide-range of tailored patient care and needs with
excellence in quality, service, and access.