Shinagawa LASIK & Aesthetics Center Corporation (SLACC) seeks to deliver innovative, safe, high-quality health care and wellness through a wide array of LASIK, aesthetics, and diagnostics and preventive care solutions.

Message From the President and CEO

Armed with the technology that has shaped great outcomes for the Japanese market, we have always clearly envisioned how Shinagawa LASIK and Aesthetics Center Corporation (SLACC) will transform eye and vision care in the Philippines.

Our daily operations are sharply focused on the needs of every patient. We treat each of them with an individualized solution. We believe it’s not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to patient care. We also recognize the need to evolve and innovate in light of new health requirements and situations that arise from our ever-changing world.

For more than a decade, SLACC has distinguished itself as one of the best, safest, most accessible, and affordable world-class eyecare providers, not only to Filipinos, but to a growing international clientele. We will continue to work ceaselessly to attain our long-term goal and contribute to the quality and standard of the local health services industry, elevating it to new heights.

We look forward to your support and partnership.


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