Brain MRI + Brain MRA

Brain MRI and Brain MRA offer a unique dual approach to understanding the complexities of the human brain. These non-invasive techniques help detect and prevent abnormalities like tumors, strokes, inflammation, and structural changes. Additionally, they image the brain’s blood vessels to identify any abnormalities or blockages, such as aneurysms.

  • 30 minutes

    Testing Time

Recommended for:

  • Individuals aged 18 and above (without a request or referral form from a doctor)
  • Individuals with high neutral fat, visceral fat, uric acid, and cholesterol

  • Patients at risk of arteriosclerosis such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, smoking history
  • Patients interested in identifying potential discrete aneurysms, brain tumors, and cerebral infarctions.

What are the Benefits of Brain MRI + Brain MRA?

  • Comprehensive visualization of brain structure and blood vessels, ensuring a holistic understanding of brain health.
  • Enable early detection of abnormalities, such as tumors, aneurysms, or vascular malformations.
  • Non-invasive procedures, minimizing discomfort and reducing the need for invasive exploratory surgeries.
  • Enhanced diagnostic accuracy, helping healthcare professionals differentiate between various neurological and vascular conditions.
  • Real-time monitoring to assess the effectiveness of interventions and make necessary adjustments promptly.
  • Reducing the risk of radiation exposure to patients.
  • With no need for needles or contrast agents in some cases, promoting patient compliance and reducing anxiety.


Frequently Asked Questions about Brain MRI + Brain MRA?

No, the Brain MRI + Brain MRA are non-invasive procedures and are generally painless. Patients are required to remain still during the examination to obtain clear imaging results. For enhanced patient comfort, they will be provided with a blanket to keep warm and headphones, allowing them to request their preferred music or podcast during the examination. While there may be mild discomfort from lying still during the scan, the process is generally well-tolerated.

The examiantion typically lasts for about 30 minutes.

Brain MRI + Brain MRA can be performed on patients with a doctor’s request or approval.

Generally, Shinagawa accepts adult patients. For pediatric patients wishing to undergo Brain MRI + Brain MRA, it is required to present a doctor’s request and approval. They must also ensure they can remain still during the examination to obtain clear images.

Patients with implanted pacemakers may not be recommended to undergo the Brain MRI + Brain MRA + Neck MRA examination included in the executive checkup. If you wish to proceed, we will require you to bring a Doctor’s recommendation approving that you are allowed to undergo the examination.

There are no specific preparations required for the examination. However, pediatric patients or those with metal implants are required to obtain a doctor’s request letter or clearance before proceeding.

Your diagnostic imaging results will be emailed to you after 6 working days. This duration is typically longer than our other diagnostic imaging services because this includes a Double-Reading Method by Japanese Medical Experts. You can also request a physical copy of your results, which you will need to pick up from our diagnostic center.

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