Men’s Executive Health Checkup

At Shinagawa Diagnostic & Preventive Care, we prioritize men’s health. Our Men’s Executive Health Checkup offers comprehensive assessments focusing on heart, digestive, carotid, and prostate health. With an emphasis on early detection and prevention, our specialized services are designed to keep you at your best.

  • 3 Hours

    Testing Time

Recommended for:

  • Patients in their 30s and older.
  • Patients with a busy lifestyle who are soon to be fathers or fathers planning to start a family in the future.
  • Those who want to screen for diseases unique to men, not just lifestyle-related ones.
  • Those interested in visualizing and examining the prostate gland to detect any disorders.

This package includes:

What are the Benefits of Men’s Executive Health Checkup?

  • Precision and Accuracy: We offer precise screenings and assessments so you can expect that your results are reliable and accurate.
  • Comprehensive Evaluation: Our health checkups covers a wide range of medical exams and screenings that offer a thorough evaluation of your health, from cardiovascular fitness to even cancer screenings.
  • Early Detection of Health Issues: Detect your potential health issues early on to prevent symptoms from escalating. We help you intervene quickly to keep your health in its best state.
  • Personalized Health Recommendations: Receive advice from medical professionals who can recommend medical tests that suit you best to improve your health status.
  • Same-day Laboratory Results: Our interior design is strategically planned to ensure that after your blood extraction, your samples are immediately directed to our in-house laboratory via our Pass-Through box. This eliminates the need for our medical team to transport your sample over a distance, ensuring both hygiene and safety.
  • Exclusive Amenities and Comfort: Men’s Executive Health Checkup patients will receive a complimentary meal at Shinagawa’s Executive Lounge on the 8th floor. Patients undergoing colonoscopy procedures are entitled to complimentary hotel accommodation.


Frequently Asked Questions about Men’s Executive Health Checkup

This checkup is important because it can cover concerns unique to men and ensure an optimal health and function of their key vital organ.

The executive checkup typically lasts for about 3 hours.

Men aged 30 and above with a family history of prostate diseases or those who would like to undergo screening for related diseases and cancers peculiar to men.

Pediatric patients are not recommended to undergo the executive package, unless with a doctor’s request and depending on the patient’s health condition.

Patients are required to fast for 10-12 hours before the procedure, with strictly no food or liquid intake. Patients who wear contact lenses are required to bring their container, and patients with eyeglasses are required to bring them, according to the eye examinations guidelines. Patients with multiple ear piercings are also required to remove them during the examination, particularly for the hearing test included in the executive checkup.

The lab results are released on the same day and discussed during your Doctor’s Consultation, typically at the end of your executive checkup. As for your diagnostic imaging results, they will be emailed to you after 3 working days. You can also request a physical copy of your results, which you will need to pick up from our diagnostic center.

Our Satisfied Clients

See what our clients have to say about starting their health journey with our preventive care services!

“Got my results from my executive checkup and found out there are some things I need to be on the lookout for. That’s why it is SO IMPORTANT to care for your body at a young age because the “SINGIL” is real and everything you did when you were younger will take its toll later in life. Thank God Shinagawa was here to let me know this because Prevention Is Better Than Cure!”

“I had a great time at Shinagawa Diagnostic during my executive check-up. I’m so happy I did this because I was able to know more about my health and what I can do to improve it within the day. They have amazing facilities and technology which made everything so quick and smooth! Everyone was so accommodating and thorough with the process! I’m usually anxious about medical stuff, but I’m glad I trusted them! I think this might be the start of my healthy era!”

“This facility is so convenient that there are no long lines or queues like in other clinics and hospitals, plus they have advanced medical equipment and Japanese-standard health checkup!”

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